Obtaining References

25 04 2009

Its no secret that web developers and their skills are becoming more and more desirable to businesses, both big and small, everyday. However, despite this trend in their popularity few are fully aware of what to look for when deciding to work with one.

it is a process

Every good web developer, or at least anyone worth paying, should have glowing recommendations for the services they have preformed for others in the past. My reasoning is that there is no way to determine the skills, professionalism and timeliness of an individual by simply seeing a finished product. Building a web site is a process not an event. If a web developer is difficult to communicate with during this process it will move slowly and be more costly to you.

monkeys with typewriters

They say a monkey with a typewriter could eventually produce Shakespearian work (or something like that) and the same goes with writing code. How are you to know that examples of their work really hide a nightmare of an experience had by someone else. I know of instances where clients have stuck with horrible situations simply because they had already invested a great deal of resources working with an individual and it would be more difficult to find someone different and start over.

In closing, I hope this post was helpful and I encourage you to both provide your knowledge on the topic by posting comments as you read this series and to also ask questions regarding information I have yet to cover.




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